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Originally Posted by Rison View Post
I am going to bitch and whine about purchasing a case that totals over $400, and it doesn't even have fan grills, or 5 1/4" bay covers.. which it shows in all the pictures when you purchase the unit. "Assembly required" would be nice to have read at some point. Sharp edges on cases are 2003.. not "high end" cases of 2011.
So "shame on me" for not researching further, however every review i've read about the case didn't mention this - and customers didn't have any complaints.. they just blabber on how awesome the case is (because they were given one for free...)

I should have spent the extra $100 for a Lian-Li P80
Tell me where in here it says anything about the stuff you want?
Material - Aluminum 5052
Thickness - 1.65mm-3.25mm
Dimensions - 24x24x9 inches
Finish - Powder Coat, Anodized, or Brushed
Power Supplies - Holds 1
HD Bay - 1 sets of 120mm HD brackets - Holds 3 out of box
5.25 Bay - 1 x Removable
5.25 Devices - Holds 3.
MB Tray - Removable
Form Factors - mATX/ATX/EATX (EATX choose the optional MB Tray)
Empty Weight - 11 lbs.

Choose each individual panel - SIDE1, SIDE2, TOP (SIDE3). Also Choose FINISH and ACRYLIC COLOR
See additional PICS for panel details.
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