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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Mekaw View Post
I have couple of wing 12, probably one of the best fans out there, undervolts well and easily removable fins and uv reactive.

I also have silverstone air penetrators... they are not bad but not really worth the "air channeling" tech. While it does push air in 1 direction, but having all that clutter up on the exhaust side of the fan kills the cfm especially if you put it against the grill or something. Tried using it on couple of heatsink I've owned in the past and even on rad. not the best fans for rad or heatsink since it lacks static pressure but it will be a fairly decent fan if you are pulling air from front of the case to your mobo, air won't go everywhere.

noctua fans are always good for low noise and good cfm. but I guess color scheme doesnt work out for everyone
The advantage on the rads with the pentrators is it helps remove a lot of 'dead' zones making its less than ideal Static Pressure even everything out.
Everything is situationally based. Most people know I've got ohh 2 of everyone out on the market at one point or another for fans.

Gelid makes great fans, so does CM, and so Does Noctua, Silverstone etc. Its always a matter of finding the right one, for the right application.

OP made the right decision in the end.


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