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The cables for the fan controller and usb ports etc up top are in the way, but you can loosen them up and move them out of the way. I had no problems setting the MCR320 with 3 fans up top. Only had enough space for one fan on the bottom though.

The pump res combo is ok... but getting the lid on and off is so hard. The pump is kind of loud... but maybe it's because it's the OCZ rebranded version, then again I paid employee cost of $11.xx at the time, so no big deal :D

I am thinking of taking it apart and adding a slim Swiftech 120mm rad at the exhaust mount to help cool the CPU a little more...

Slaughter: yes I wanted to swap to the Swiftech for my HTPC build, but I figured it was easier to just give up on the HTPC build and go with a separate gaming PC like this instead.

My Lian Li HTPC is now just a simple H55 system with an i3-540, 4gb of ram, 64gb kingston ssd, and Corsair H50.
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