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max safe temp is 62deg. lol you shouldn't really try to push close to 4ghz on stock cooler. hence the high temp over max safe temp.

hyper 212+ should be okay depending on the voltage you need to get to your goal. I did some "testing" before, I've ran h50, NH-D14, H70, Hyper 212+ on rig. phenom II x4 955 c3 BE. at 4ghz, 1.5V it well of those best temp was d14 and hyper 212+ was the worst. so if you plan on pushing close to 4ghz with high voltage, I think investing in some decent mid to high end cooler would be ideal

edit: try to undershoot the max temp by 10deg that'd be ideal. more voltage and heat = reduces chip life. cooler you can get it to run = better
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