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Default Adding Trim to the Desk Surface

Aaaand, here it is - yes, I should have mitered the corners... ah well ;)

The last time I left off, I had just finished flushing the sides of the table in preparation to add some trim. I found a nice piece of long maple that was just a little over 8 feet long, a little wider than 1.5 inches, and thick enough to cut some 1/4 inch strips from.

I layed it out, setup the table saw and cut myself a test piece.

Looks good!

Here's a pic of the cutting process. I'm afraid I had some difficulty with this. Actually, let me rephrase - the saw had some difficulty with this. I was still using the same blade I've been using the whole project - which needs replacement pretty badly. Asking it to cut through 1.5 inches of maple, for a length of 8 feet was asking a lot of it.

I made it through eventually, but the whole process left quite a few burn marks on the wood.

I glued and nailed the trim around the perimeter of the desk, which was a pretty straightforward process.

And then took out a hand plane to get rid of most of the excess material and bring the trim down flush with the desk surface. Some neat pictures here.

After some sanding with some 60-grit on the random orbit sander to get everything smooth, I went nuts with the wood filler.

At that point I stood the surface up in the back of the shop and called it a night.

Next update in the loop, I setup some dado blades in the table saw, mmm mmmm, that was fun!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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