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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Stock View Post
$1100 MSI GX660

You get a superior 5870m graphics card with a WSXGA+ resolution. Simply can't be beat, bang for buck.

Although this is a previous generation product, I still use a GX620 from 2 years ago. This laptop has never blue-screened, random reset, keyboard jam, dieing pixels, faulty touch pad, or anything on me. It was used intensively for school and gaming (mostly WoW/DoW2/Civ) - and "on" for an average of 8-12 hours/day. Battery life is still 2 hours on battery saving mode, which I use for watching 1 movie on long rides. I've also dropped my backpack god knows how many times, and it's still going strong. The build quality is simply great in MSI's GX line-up. If I had the cash, I wouldn't hesitate to upgrade to this new generation, as it looks even better!
I wouldn't get a gaming laptop for school use. I had an alienware m11x, which I got rid of after about a month of university. That MSI laptop is 2 lb's heavier then a MBP and nearly an inch thicker, it has sexy specs, but when your typing notes and mobile all day, your graphics card and CPU don't really matter, its your battery life and portability that you'll appreciate.

Your laptop purchase should be based off of what your going to be doing for 90% of the time your on the laptop, not the 10% of time you spend gaming.
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