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Default AMD Fusion: Lynx/Llano Speculation?

Might as well make a speculation thread for it, since there isn't one yet for AMD's next upcoming Processor/platform.

Right off the bat, I'm interested in what everyone thinks about the following speculations and possibilties:

1 - Do you think that the Llano GPU core(s), which will be based on AMD's "Redwood" architecture (HD56xx series, perhaps 66xx?) will be a good option for the mobile gaming/notebook market?

2 - IF the above is true, do you think AMD will once again grace us with a former of "Hybrid Crossfire" which will allow the Llano's GPU core to work in tandem with another 56xx, 66xx or other GPU?

3 - IF BOTH the above statements are true, do you think that AMD will enable power saving features that can Disable the discrete GPU from the crossfire pair and simply use the Integrated Redwood-based GPU for regular Windows use/2D applications, etc. ?

Let the speculation begin!

Background story: Still looking for the "perfect" notebook/tablet and I'm wondering if Llano will be worth the wait to get some decent mobile gaming out of it (nothing high-end obviously, mostly older games, SC2 at med. settings, etc).

"Winterpark" seems to be codename for the onboard GPU for Llano. No specs yet however.
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