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Originally Posted by ZZLEE View Post
If you have an Analog tv CRT. You may need a new converter box to get the new signal.

Digital over the air is 1080 i.

Analog stations even on Cable will disapear moastly also.
The cable company will swich to carrying the digital signals also.

If you already can recieve HD signals on your tv then no wories.

Any Tv sold after 2007 in the states was supposed to have digital tuner in it.
Wrong. I work for a cable provider. The conversion doesn't mean everything is going Hi Def, it means everything is converting to digital only signals. This will effect no one on cable. Cable providers have been down converting signals to analogue for years for customers without digital boxes. Cable providers will be phasing out analogue conversion in favour of all digital services in phases. Digital over the air is not all 1080i, most is around 420p. It is true that HD TVs do have built in digital tuners.
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