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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Cardboard box with DSL View Post
My first plan of attack wont work because I couldn't find machine screws long enough in the correct size and threading, it came out to be about an inch too short.
I don't remember the thread size of the rad holes (I think they are #6-32), but any Canadian Tire / Rona / Home Depot will have stock of the correct screw size and length.

My newest idea is to get some 1/4" thick wood and create a rad holder. It would be two peices of wood on either side of the vents at the top of the case with little shelves which the radiator and fan would sit on and be secured to. (I'll post a drawing once I get home) and have the same sort of shelf at the bottom, but this one would be flush with the bottom of the sides and if I wanted to I could secure fans on the inside of the case to enhance the air cooling power of the case as well.
Can't wait for your drawing, since you totally lost me here.
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...
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