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My System Specs


I hate to ask these questions as they are the most basic things that most people will always do... but if you forget, they are the easiest to try:

PCIe lanes on your mobo, you're using them such that you get fastest speeds? (if one card is on a 4x lane, your setup is crippled to 4x)
Drivers update (like you wouldn't have recent drivers...) try one version previous to the newest? Try both?
Everything is nice and tight? Fitted/snapped in?

Is your FPS for single card mode as good as it's supposed to be? (I don't know benches for those games)
Did you try both cards in single mode to see if just one card is crippling the setup?
I use SLI, so it may be different, but you do need to enable multi-card performance in the drivers control panel and you only use a single connector for 2-way setup.
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