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Default Need suggestions for a Aesthetic GPU

Hey HWC,

I'm working on a new build staring white silverstone raven see WIP thread: Here

Now currently I'm using two gtx 460 1gb cards from MSI with cyclone coolers seen below.

I feel these cards don't fit in with the new project so I'll probably be selling them off. I need some suggestions for a decent GPU that features a matte black PCB, black shroud with minimal logos or removable logos and possibly a little bit of red flare. I prefer Nvidia but could be persuaded ATI if a good argument is present.

Some possibilities I've looked at are:
Asus gtx 560 Ti TOP
used or new EVGA gtx 470
any stock cooler 570
a used 480 (the heatpipes turn me off on this one)

Any recommendations?
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