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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Slik View Post
Where on earth did you get that price for the Alienware? Did you configure by buying the hardware separately? I just checked and you can get the Area 51 ALX with everything you mentioned above and MORE for no where near $7500.00. And with a three year warranty. If you PHONE them and NEGOTIATE you can do even better.
Well, I took the Area 51-ALX (3999 USD base price), switched out cpu (+515 USD), 12GB 1600MHz (+1200 USD), 2 6950's (+100 USD), 512GB ssd raid 0 (+1050 USD), 2TB raid 1 (+600 USD), 1 year basic support (free) = 7,454.00 USD

Keep in mind, I haven't used the windows 7 home to professional upgrade (another 130 USD).

See, a relative of mine has a alienware laptop and, man, that thing is cool. It's fully setup and just works out of the box. Support is likely going to be better (but not longer) than Ncix.

But, is it worth the price, CAD 4460 vs 7454 USD?