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Bingo we have a winner.
It sounds like you have the monitor set WAY to bright. Modern pannels brag about 200 and 300 (and more) light output. The gold std is 120. Anything more than that is TOO damn bright.

Another thing you need is to check the colours you are using. White background w/ black text is proably the WORST combo you could use. I STILL use O2k3 for the blue w/ white setup (even though I prefer excel 2k10). Change the coulour setup will help with eye fatigue.
Also increase the font size! Im getting older and I use a BIG arsed font now as it is just plain easier on the eyes.

Do all 3 steps and you will notice a big improvement. IF you dont. Take a break every 30 minutes and stop looking at the screen for 1min. Close your eyes and let them "rest". ;)

YMMV but thats what I do.
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