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Default Is Nvidia really hard on the eyes ?

I reads many time that peoples who work with Nvidia card for a long period get more fatigue with their eyes than when work with an ATI cards, what is the truth about it, and is there adjustment We can do to reduce this fatigue, this is not a flaming war, I just change my eye glasses last month because since few months I have pain in my eyes in the evening, spent $ 900, and I still have the same problem, tomorrow I go see the ophthalmologist, so I have a real problem here. Itís 4 months I canít games because of this, my only computer usages for now is MS Office, Web browsing. I donít know buy I see you can adjust refresh and thing like this, can I improve my condition with this, and what is the optimal level to achieve it. I have a Dell 2408 , so itís not supposed to be a bad monitor. My GPU is gtx 480 at stock setting
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