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My System Specs


@dang -> Wow! That's one honkin' cooler unit! Not sure what principles make it work without fan but, like you said, it's definitely not for a slimline case.

@scruff -> the Prolimatech unit definitely looks more squat than the Noctua one, without loosing that hotrod engine - I'd just have to buy a quiet fan, as you said.

I guess I won't know how much clearance I have until I get my case, install my parts and stick a ruler in there.

@Andy -> just saw your reply in my! It would be interesting to know how your system runs when you've got it set up.

@Mr G. -> (heh, the replies keep coming :) ...not sure. I was just planning on using two of the chips in this unit. Are the chips designed to be used all together? That would suck.
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