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My System Specs


Funny timing on this thread ... I just ordered new parts, as I'm upgrading my HTPC. A family member saw my XBMC setup and wanted one for themselves. Sold off the old Core 2 rig to him and just purchased a lot of the similar parts you are going to be using. Price wise it's a very good combo ... here is my build, which should be up and running sometime next week.

ASUS P7H55-M Pro
Intel Core i3 550
Mushkin Silverline 4Gb
Silverstone Strider 500W
ASUS 5450 (have an extra so might as well use it over the on board.)
250Gb Momentus XT Hybrid drive for O/S.
Scythe Shuriken cooler (I think? can't remember which one, low profile 138mm? Sound right)

My old HTPC used a nMedia case, which are good for the price, but I decided to hop on over to Lian Li (PC37) this time for an extra $30. I've got the case sitting here and it is much nicer than I expected (first time playing with a Lian Li case).

All my content is networked via a NAS so the small O/S drive makes it really easy to build. The low profile case should be a nice change as well.

Good luck with your build~!
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