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My System Specs


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
...if you had a regular case you could drop an hr-02 and forget all together about fans. for a low power i3 you could get away with cheaper/smaller coolers, too.
Yeah, I got the i3 rather than i5 to keep things moderate...not sure what "drop an hr-02" means, but I'm intrigued :)

Lack of headroom is why I'm ditching the In-Win BL641 case (3" H) and buying the nMedia HTPC-1000B (5.1" H)...I'm hoping that there's room, cause stacking a car engine cooler on my CPU just seems like too cool a thing not to do!

The new case has a spot for an LCD panel...I may just install something unnecessarily cool there too...lack of 3.5" front opening though, so I may just cut one out with a power tool and stick one of these suckers in...

...just cause I can! Haha!...ow, my wallet.

I saw a thread somewhere around here about a guy who wants to powder coat his case! ....sweet!
...sorry, must curb my enthusiasm.
HTPC: ASUS P7H55-M PRO mATX | Intel i3 550 | LG CH10LS20 SATA Blu-ray
Case: nMedia HTPC-1000B (on order)
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