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So, I threw them both into my case, put on a single bridge. I am getting terrible fps, better with just a single card (CF off).

in Rifts I am getting getting 20-30 frames 1080p with 6950 CF. I am running an e8400 clockrd at 4ghz now (was 3.8ghz for last beta).

My wife gets 70 -90 frames 1080p on ultra with a gtx 460 single, I believe she is on a quad core phenom 2.

Just ran a few other games and I think this isnt a trion problem

New starting area eq2 (max settings) 7 - 18 fps
Oblivion (first dungeon after leaving jail) 30-70 fps

I ran the same games with a single card

eq2 30-40 frames (when viewing water) 70 -90 with back turned to water
oblivion 75 - 110 fps

So maybe I am failing at crossfire, do I need two bridges instead of one? Wondering if I should just send a card back.
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