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Hell if you are going to drop more than 2bills on a system at NICX...spend the money and become a PremierPartner! Not only will it easily pay for itself in saving on THAT build...everything you buy for the rest of the year at ncix will be discounted. Sometimes this is "only" the same as the weekly specials...sometimes it is more (and sometimes it is less...I still check the specials in case I can save an extra buck or two :)~ ) BUT its ALWAYS that price and not just a short term special.

As to the OP. IF you have enough confidence to risk the need to TS any wonkiness that can pop up....go the NCIX route. Otherwise you may be better off playing it safe and going Dell. Dell is not the devil, and while we all here CAN do basic TS (at the very least) not everyone can. Sometimes peace of mind is priceless...but there is no better incentive to learn than 3K "extra" in your pocket!

Oh and welcome to the forums mate, hope you enjoy your stay. :)
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