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Default Sapphire HD6970 - possible DVI port problem

I was wondering if anyone had some advice about this issue.
Looks like I have to replace the GPU, but perhaps i've missed something.
Some pictures of the issue:

I had ordered some really long DVI-D dual link cables, and after replacing the DVI-I single link cables that came with my monitor went yellowish, then black.
To make a long story short...after much cable wrangling...i've come to the conclusion that it is one of the ports on the GPU.

It was the left monitor that was yellowish initially. So I switched the "monitor cable ends" with both left and right monitors. I thought it was the cable, and this test seemed to confirm that because now it was the right monitor that was yellowish.

So I got rid of that cable and put back one of the ones that came with the monitor. All three of those cables worked fine before. But again...the left monitor was yellowish.

I then thought it may be the DVI port on the this time I left the cables in the monitor and switched the left and right monitor cables at the GPU connection. The problem switched over to the other monitor proving that it was not the monitor port, but the issue was at the GPU port.

So it is definately not the cable, or the monitor. The problem originates at the GPU port, or perhaps GPU drivers.
I uninstalled the ATI CCC drivers, then reinstalled. No luck.
I went to ATI to check for more versions and noticed it was still the same version, but there was a second option for the driver without "APP". So I tried that. No change.

The problem itself is not just a "yellowish" discolouration. While testing the display it went black. I could only see some of the monitor menu features working. (like the ones that show which port is I could always confirm that I was selecting the DVI option) Later after doing more testing, the monitor was yellow for a minute or or two...then it went black for 5 seconds....then back to yellow for 5...then back to black for a bit longer...then to yellow...then black for over an hour.

I fussed for a long time with the CCC options for triple displays...thinking it might have been related to that. But I could not fix the problem with them all cloned...or as one 3 monitor desktop. The CCC drivers were even still seeing the third display in the triple display group...yet it was black. It even labelled them correctly regarding which one had the mini display port to DVI.

I'm very cautious with my equipment, and while plugging in and removing cables i'm very slow and careful. There's been no shoving, or pushing hard while the port was in the wrong position...or anything like that.

I've not checked forums at AMD or Sapphire yet.
The GPU has only been running for about 4 weeks.
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