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My System Specs


I think that before anymore opinions are given, one BIG question must be answered.

Virkelie, IF something was to go wrong with a new gaming rig from NCIX would you be able to troubleshoot and fix it on your own?

If not go with Dell. Simple.

I know everyone is saying NCIX is cheaper etc but that doesn't mean a thing IF something goes wrong.

EXAMPLE - You spend $2500 and saved $800 because you went with NCIX instead of Dell. A year or so later the system shits the bed and you can't fix it. Did you still save $800 or did you waste $2500?

With one phone call a tech comes to your house and fixes your gaming rig, or you get grey hair trying to solve the problem on your own.

Personally I buy from NCIX because I save money and I can do my own work, but that's MY individual situation..... everyone has to look at this guys needs and stop suggesting what they would do.

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