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Originally Posted by Inate8 View Post
The only difference, in reality, will be the price you pay.

If you enjoy tinkering on your own. Buy the parts seperately.

If you want a fast system, with good support(albeit maybe a little slower than Dell due to your location)for top dollar(ie. the best value for your money) then use NCIX.

If you want a show-off system, with great support, an awesome case and top-end components(all of which you can do with NCIX aside from the case) and don't mind paying the "alienware premium" then by all means get an alienware. They are great computers

I personally have the M11x because it is sexy and awesome. If I had the extra cash I would get an alienware machine myself too.

I recommend before you buy anything, post the specs you are looking at from the websites, and the pricing. Many here will help you and make sure you're not buying into something you may not ever need/use.

Don't forget the Alienware ALX type cases are a $1000-1200 unit. Those things are 100% unique, and friggen awesome. (IMHO)

If you choose Alienware, get the lowest ram option you can tolerate. Those items are the easiest to replace yourself. It will save you the huge premium they charge for those items.

All the comments are really helpfull, and have pointed out a number of things I need to consider.

If I go for Alienware, I was thinking about the Area-51, non-ALX. The non-ALX version actually seems to be more customizable - for instance I prefer 1 video card (not the obligatory 2 with the ALX version), the cheapest memory option is not available with the ALX (I don't plan on paying DELL the exorbitant prices they ask for memory)...

The only differences I see between the ALX and non-ALX cases is that:
1. The ALX aluminum is "anodized", and
2. The ALX front door is motorized.

Both of those I don't care for - are there other differences between the ALX and non-ALX cases?

Also about the AREA-51 only having 3 dimms for memory - do people think this could be a problem?
The maximum memory 3 dimms would allow today is 12GB, ie 3 x 4GB.

I plan to use the computer for games, video editing/conversion (just as a hobby), and the usual stuff... Am I likey to need 24GB of memory in the the future?

I actually read somewhere else (I don't know if this is true) is that filling all of your DIMM slots can actually slow down your computer; so 24GB instead of 12GB may not be so good.