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My System Specs


Honestly, I wouldn't accept a TN panel in place of a PVA panel... ever.
They can argue details such as similar size, contrast, etc. but really it's like getting your Lexus or Acura replaced with a Toyota/Honda

Once you use a PVA/IPS quality monitor (and have the needs for it) it's difficult to grow accustom to TN again.

Unfortunately, Samsung no longer produces any other large panels except for a 23in CPVA

Does said company sell Dell products? The U2711 is a 27" IPS monitor that would be a suitable replacement, or the now EOL 2709W is a PVA.

Or both the Dell U3011 and HP ZR30W are larger 30" IPS panels.

That said, dead pixel's aren't technically considered a defect unless they conform to certain minimum requirements such as cluster of 5+ or 7-10 depending on screen size. Unless said companies plan specifically has a dead pixel clause?

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