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Originally Posted by bf1 View Post
Is it just me or does it seem like you guys make it sound like if he orders from NCIX his computer is going to bust in a couple months? Lol
Yeah that's the point I was trying to make. With VIP status he can RMA anything with free shipping within 30 days depending on the component, then there's the NCIX warranty after that. That's assuming he'll need it. If he just goes about testing for those first 30 days he should have relatively smooth sailing afterwards.

I test new builds for about 2 weeks, had lots of RMAs on memory, and some on motherboards, and hard drives during the testing periods. I've seldom had hardware issues with a build I've tested fully within 4-5 years. In fact I've never had a hardware problem with a build after fully testing and deploying since 2003 except for one cheap Biostar motherboard that just went kaput 2 years later.