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Originally Posted by implosion222 View Post
That building exploding just looks amazing. I cannot fricking wait!
And if the ground has become more deformable with events like earthquakes and the like... I can just imagine getting cornered and using C4 to blast myself a foxhole to hide in, lol.

If the Destruction 3.0 system can finally handle debris properly then It'll be epic... The problem with BC2 is that when a building collapses (not very smoothly either) the pieces always fall in the same locations, despite which walls were blown out and in what order. Realistically, one should be able to destroy the supporting beams/walls on One side and make the whole building fall in that direction .

Just picture it... hiding with your C4 detonator and seeing a tank and some soldiers come around the corner. BOOM! C4 takes out supporting beams and the tank gets flattened by an entire building falling on it, lol
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