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Ok, so I ran furmark and Kombustor at the same time, 1280 x 1024 i believe, for 30 mins. No issues there, got roughly 45-50 fps on both for the whole duration, temperature around 65C.

Ran 3dmax and got a few interesting results...

GT1 - Return To Proxycon
60.71 FPS
GT2 - Firefly Forest
63.51 FPS
CPU1 - Red Valley
1.61 FPS
CPU2 - Red Valley
2.36 FPS
HDR1 - Canyon Flight
108.94 FPS
HDR2 - Deep Freeze
81.45 FPS


I'm very curious about the cpu1 and 2 scores...

Prime95 showed no errors over 11 tests (I know not that many, but it was running while furmark/kombustor was)

I'll try that bios setting soon,

Thanks again all.
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