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This is just not acceptable from a first tier company. I would expect shenanigans like this from MSI or DFI...but not GB. If Gigabyte wants to act like its a first tier company and compete with the likes of Asus this level of CS wont cut it. It would not surprise me in the least to hear that this is a discontinued model mobo and their "unofficial" official response is to deny, deny, deny so as to not give out a new mobo for what is obviously their tech's mistake! Its pretty obvious they screwed up and now are trying to blame the customer for thier mistake.

I know I personally have been a champion of GB and have recommended (as well as used them in my clients builds) for the past year. BUT with so called "customer service" like this...I cant take the risk of getting a bad one. There is no way I can eat the cost of a mobo just becuase the mfg'er decides they dont want to honour their warranty. Add in on top this their "response" to the P67 debacle (really GB...a WAIVER so that people can have the "honour" of being put on your wait list...for a known defective part? You don't see Asus doing that...gee i wonder why...maybe its because they have a CS & PR that actually CARES about its reputation) and it appears GB is going down hill. Time to get off that train before it crashes...again (anyone else remember earlier GB problems). Guess I will go back to using (and recommending) ASUS and eVGA (and maybe MSI as my 3rd pick).

Im sorry to hear that it happened to you Arinoth. I would strongly recommend posting this to as many groups as possible so that the enthusiast community can get the word out before someone else gets screwed over like you are being screwed over.
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