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Default Gigabyte RMA Customer Service (UPDATED READ LATEST POSTS)

Now i'm not one to normally complain however the RMA customer service i've been received from Gigabyte has been down right horrible.

The first email they sent me is a standard one, no surprise there

The second one i just got today is what really pisses me off. I never emailed them back as i assumed all the information i had given them about the problem was good enough, so as any normal person would think after 2 business days they would start working on it. Instead i get this email saying i sent them a damaged motherboard, that they will try to fix it but if they can't they wont replace it and will send me the damaged motherboard back.

Here are the pictures they sent me that show the damage.

Now what the hell is that damage, i sent them a motherboard that had no physical defects and they go ahead and show me this.

That's not even the half of it, not only are they claiming i sent them a damaged motherboard that could have only been damaged by a poorly trained technician, their contact info is useless. Where the hell is a 1-800 number, they dont have one so if you're on hold for a while you're paying out of your pocket to talk to a real person. Their service hours are shitty too, 8:30am until 5:30pm PST, again not a single global company have i deal with that has such limited hours.

I'm going to be emailling them back tonight giving them a piece of my mind, and potentially calling them tomorrow if i can fit it into my day of quiz, class, lab, lab report and studying for a midterm on wed. All i can say is that i am never going to buy from them again if this is how they treat their customers, nor will i ever recommend a single one of their products to family or you guys on here if you potentially have to go through the same abysmal RMA i am.
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