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My System Specs


Originally Posted by draemn View Post
This is the way I see it:

NCIX just puts everything together properly and makes sure it works before sending it off... You're then covered by whatever their terms are (for warranty). You then save money by sacrificing service/brand, so it's a great deal if nothing messes up.

Alienware charges you a FAT premium for their extended warranty coverage and brand. They hide $200-400 in the inflated costs of parts to pay for your nice warranty coverage (which you still pay for based on how many years you pick) and another $200 is just pure markup for the alienware brand.

Alienware is for people who want a cushy warranty service as this is all NCIX offers:

Also, NCIX will not install after market heatsink fans (which are only important if you over-clock your computer).
I don't think Dell charges a FAT premium at all. The price I paid INCLUDED the 3 year premium warranty. The comparison cost I mentioned above, regarding the difference in cost to build as opposed to buying was about $600.00. If you subtract the warranty,the difference would only be about $250 or $300.00. To me,that is not excessive when all is said and done. When a person spends the kind of money I did,then for SURE you want a cushy warranty. When you send parts back to NCIX,they charge a re-stocking fee if they feel there is nothing wrong with it. Sure,on the system they use to check things it may work but that doesn't mean it works on YOUR set up. No questions asked at Dell. Also,if you have problems that can not be solved a year after you purchased your PC, NCIX won't replace the entire computer. Dell does and they DO UPGRADE. They did it for me. I am very comfortable dealing with Dell. I do however,shop at NCIX for a lot of other stuff and I'm happy with them as well.
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