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Originally Posted by Delavan View Post
Really nice review AKG!!!

Do you think that this cooler would actually be perform well on the ASUS Sabertooth mobo, blowing air into the "thermal Jacket" opening?

Also, if you disregard the clearance issues, is this cooler performs as well as the NH-D14?

For a high OC on an i7, which one would you choose (C14 or D14)???
I doubt it would blow much INTO that opening. If you have a sabertooth stick a slow and low noise fan on it. Only way to be sure, as with this it will blow down and then across the mobo. Now with that being said if you installed the C14 with the fan over the opening...maybe it would be enough, but I still would opt for a secondary fan.

This cooler is good...but not D14 good. That thing is a BEAST. If you got room in your case for the D14 get the D14, C14 wont even be close at high OCs.

This cooler is great for moderate OCs that will keep the system cool as well as the CPU...but the D14 will kick its ass.

Originally Posted by Rison View Post
Does anyone else think they are taking a step in a backwards direction with this style of cooler?

I can see the benefit for cooling the ram and the chipset more.. but would it not effect the flow of air inside the case?.. theres a reason manufacturers have moved to the tower style cooler - to direct the warm air outside of the case asap. I could see this being more efficient if you have a side case fan installed (which I personally hate, cause it always sucks taking the door off) Which is where the tower style is better, with the flow of air from the bottom front of the case streamlined out the top or back.
Originally Posted by Slaughter View Post
Especially if it has a lowpro config for tight fitting cases. I *doubt* it would have a side panel exhaust.

That would be my only concern. Otherwise it looks like a solid design.

Well to be honest, the way you guys are looking at it is kinda skewed. Consider the downdraft coolers to have the same airflow profile as that of the STOCK coolers (with the exception being the newer Intel tower one). Does a stock intel or AMD screw up internal case flow...or does the rear (and top if the case has one) suck the hot air out? Same idea with these aftermarket downdraft coolers....there is just more air being moved at lower noise levels.

We are all just used to thinking of the front to back / East west tower configs to be "normal" state of affairs when its actually...not. Most comps use downdraft coolers.
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