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a) This is a hobby "not a living". If I tried to live off the "proceeds" of my reviews....well it wouldnt be pretty,

B) Lets see a 135mm fan....nope thats not 140mm. A craptacular 140mm Scythe Kaze fan meant for cases (its the successor to the Slip Stream fan which while good for cases, blow as CPU fan on most coolers) and a Tt 1300rpm fan. Yup, I still stand by my statement that there is no readily available HIGH performance 140mm fans here in Canada. Since it needs to be spelled out, sigh, high performance is not 1300rpms. Its the 140mm equivalent of a Scythe G at the MINIMUM. If that is not obvious enough CFM doesn't mean jack sqaut on its own. Neither does DBa. The Noctua P14 is not a high performance fan. Thats why they need to include TWO if them. With that being said this combination is low noise and does provide more than adequate cooling. BUT its not a HIGH PERFORMANCE fan.

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I don't get this:

For someone testing heatsinks and fans for a living its weird how you can say something like that when the Noctua P14 is probably the worst 140mm fan especially considering the cost.

Heres a selection of a few very well performing 120mm+ fans:

Scythe "KAZE MARU2" 140mm Case Fan

Kama FLEX 135: Scythe - The Cooling Experts

Product | Thermalright Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions! USA

And a decent review:

140 mm Fan Roundup. Page 13 - X-bit labs
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