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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Vittra View Post
I will of course be hanging onto the system.. I have no recourse at all currently. Returning the motherboard and keeping the CPU would be pointless haha. I emailed Gigabyte for information in regards to the "waiver and registration" they require if we keep the B2 boards for RMA later, and received a generic response that I am encourged to return the board.. groan.

I suppose we'll see how things work out in the coming weeks. I may just chalk this up as a lost cause and abuse the living hell out of this rig to see how much I can get out of it... and get an ivy bridge later on.
Ya, it seems that board manufacturer's and retailers are at opposite ends of the spectrum on how to deal with this. The MFG's want users to return it so they can properly gage replacement requirements and to minimize the "rush and hassle" when the B3's come out. So they encourage users to return them right away.

Retailers on the other hand, are facing the return of entire systems and other components, of which they will have to take a loss because all the components are used, Not to mention, they are likely going to be selling the exact same thing, except brand new again, back to the customers in 2 months
So they want you to hang onto the system and replace the board when it comes back in.
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