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Thnaks guys, I really, really love this cooler. I know I probably am never going to part with it as its just too darn good at keping the mobo and the CPU cool. It really is one of new favorite coolers.

As to your question BootLegUsher. The reason for that is it comes std with two fans. So with the exception of the sotck fan tests all the (other) tests only use one fan for all coolers. This way you not only see how the stock config of a given cooler compares to other CPU cooling solutions which dont come with a fan but also what using different fans than the stock config will net you. Sometimes its worse, sometimes its better. All depends on the quality (and quantity) of the stock fans.

Basically, for apples to apples...ignore the dual fan results in the other charts. As it is more an oranges to apples comparison. Instead look at the numbers for the NHC14 that does not have ()'s under neath it.

Hope that helps.
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