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Originally Posted by JMCD View Post
Yeah it's sounding good on paper. I heard it was Frosbite 2.1, a revision of the BC2 one or an entirely new version.
For BF1943 on the consoles they updated the engine to 1.5 and that is what they are using in Bad Company 2. Battlefield 3 will be using Frostbite engine 2.0

Frostbite Engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The next generation of Frostbite will debut with Battlefield 3. It will take full advantage of the DirectX 11 API and 64-bit processors,[2] with no support for DirectX 9 (nor, therefore, Windows XP).[3]
At SIGGRAPH 2010, DICE gave several presentations on advances in their rendering technology:
"Tile-based deferred shading acceleration" via DirectCompute.[4] This is being ported to the PlayStation 3's SPUs.
Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA), again implemented with DirectCompute, for bandwidth conservation.[4] MLAA is currently available only to a few PlayStation 3 games such as God of War III and LittleBigPlanet 2. DICE intends to bring this feature to DirectX 11 GPUs.
Quasi-realtime radiosity.[5]
Improved environment destruction.[6

Oh, and apparently the Limited Edition will come with an "expansion pack" featuring maps and weapons from BF2. The expansion pack is called "Back to Karkand". Who knows if that is true or not, but we'll find out soon. I hope they don't, because that is a greasy move.

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition details leak? - PC News at GameSpot

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