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Default So I was looking for a cheap...

way to keep tab's on my temperature at home (in case the furnace craps out). I googled and there is stuff out there that will call you or send you an email, but it's a bit pricey considering I'd only need it about 2 months of the year. My obvious el'cheapo solution was my MX10 camcorder and a thermometer, linked via the web. I thought I could just set up a video call via Live using 2 of my accounts, but of course it want's me to answer and obviously I can't drive 16KM in the 1 minute timeout to accept.

Is there some other way I can do this? I obviously could share the cam to certain websites and view it remotely, but I'd rather not. I do have my own HTTP and FTP hosting capability, is there some software that will periodically upload a pic? I had a logitech cam eons ago that came with software that would transfer the file to an IP. I'd rather not enable remote desktop or the likes.
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