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really easy. if you go for the 'better' boards like ud3/4 or the msi gd65 itll be a breeze.

i repeat myself lol, but 1156 is for i3' cpus on a budget. and once clocked itll be a little monster.

sky has posted a review last year i believe...

Intel Core i3-540 'Clarkdale' LGA1156 Processor Review

you need more? 1155, andyou find a board.

no inbetween. unles you find a super cheap i5 760 but even then, bang per buck the i3's do a killing

i always tell people, take it easy now if you dont need all the cpu hp in the world, investing

250 dollars in board + cpu vs more means down the road you can yank it out with less remorse lol
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