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My System Specs


All fans, can be damaged in shipping more easily than you think. Not to mention typical sleeve bearing fans are typically of lower quality and aren't meant to last much more than 3-5 years. (which is still a long time for a $5 product) But they're a lot cheaper and naturally tend to have significantly lower bearing noise than ball bearings. I wouldn't worry too much about DOA rates if you're buying from a good retailer or you're buying a known brand.

My vote goes to 2x R4's in push/pull with undervolting/fan controller, the Blademasters aren't worth double the price IMO. (their only advantage is PWM) At that price point I would be looking at Gelid Wing's, Silverstone Air Penetrators, and Scythe Gentle Typhoons. (all ~$10-$13) Which one would depend on your heatsink, due to strengths and weaknesses of each design which I won't get into. (I'd end up starting a big text wall like ST did)

I would only consider Yates as a reference fan, they really aren't anything great, they just come dirt cheap and perform adequately in all departments.
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