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Yes, that helps, thanks.

One thing about the R4s, though. It might be just my paranoia, but it seems there's quite a few reports of the R4 fans failing and collecting a lot of dust, on newegg. I'm sure newegg reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt, sometimes, but with all the fans out there, there are bound to be some that probably don't have the best QC.

I am narrowing it down to this:
* Coolermaster R4 - PM @ $5
* Coolermaster Blademaster $10
* Yate Loon PM @ $4

It seems the 'Gentle Typhoon' is too expensive and is often out of stock or it would have been my choice.

Any comments on the above choices? I was wondering which is the 'best deal.'

P.S. I thought I should go with a push-pull configuration. I can achieve that by placing the fan on the side of the heatsink facing the exhaust port? There's currently a 120mm fan there.
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