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My System Specs


I ran pfsense, smoothwall and one other distro firewall before. They work well on minimal hardware. I think I was running a single core 2Ghz 939 chip, 1 GB ram and a 20GB Hdd (plus two intel NICs). They all worked great but each has their issues (no real deal breakers). I host my own game servers at my place so I needed something reliable. I would probably have kept using one but I had a hardware failure so instead of repairing the old hardware (which was old and inherently unreliable) I decided to upgrade to a Mikrotik router. These are pretty much the same idea as a pfsense router (linux based) but they are commercial level dedicated hardware. The user interface is no where near as easy as pfsense but they are WAY more powerful and not to expensive ($150ish). They also use only 6-11watts under full load compared to a 100watt PC. IF you do go the PC/pfsense route then I highly recommend a couple of intel NICs in your router. Intel NICs are the best support NICs and they are more reliable and provide higher level performance over a onboard nic.
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