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Default Trading My 800D + $20 for a FT02, Looking for opinions

As the title states I'm looking at Trading My Corsair 800D + 20$ for a Silverstone FT02 / No Window

I like the FT02 it was my first choice originally but i ended up getting a good deal on the 800D, Im planning on staying with Air cooling, I hate noise (just swapped out my H70 for my CM212+) I know the FT02 is a good case quality wise...aimed more at air cooling, but the 800D is soo nice awesome quality.

Is it a good trade, will i regret this down the road...

thanks for any opinions.

I dont plan on water cooling ever, pumps make noise, fans on rads make noise.... compare to a simple air CPU cooler.. Im not a huge OC'er. I play games, and use my rig (and future Rigs) as a daily driver.

(yes eventually i will retire the Q6600 and go 2011 or the likes)
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