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Default i7 970 Overclock

Well finally gotten around to tinkering with 970 and have found a solid place to rest for the time being.

I have been running Einstien@home now for about 2 weeks (about 3 days after I got it) without so much as a hiccup. Finally discovered the secret to getting badass temps with watercooling - kickass fans. Finally got all 3 scythe kazi 3000rpm 38 x 120mm fans running on my XSPC 360, but they are god aweful loud thankfully Ive got lamptron controller coming in monday to quiet these fans right up. Next week I should have my 700D to throw this all in and show off some pretty pics lol.

I have gotten it to run @ 4.4ghz 200x22 DDR3 2000mhz, but it wasnt 100% stable and my temps were worrysome. But given my current settings - You guys think its safe to push for the 4.4/ddr3 2ghz marker? Mind you I do have to keep my window wide open otherwise heat does become an issue, the upside is I havent had to turn my heat on at all on my 2nd floor.

I couldnt think of something snarky or interesting to put here this time around.
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