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Smile Anyone help a girl out, xfx radeon 4890 vid card can't seem to find driver

I was on here a year ago and got some great advice so I thought I'd try my luck again. Recently my motherboards network adapter died so ASUS replaced it but unfortunately my computer got reformated so I have to reinstall the drivers. I have a 4890 XFX Radeon video card but no matter what driver I install I always get a black screen after the windows prompt. When I load up again in safemode I can uninstall the driver but every version of driver that's suggested by the site keeps having the same issue. As a default it'll load up the VGA version most likely part of the motherboard but it looks like a retard screen and of course I can't play any games :(.
I have a 750 watt power supply and everything IS connected properly and I'm 99% positive that this is simply a driver issue, my frustration is stemming from the fact that ATI can't seem to keep it's drivers organized or in an easy to install and work format.

*- note I've had the same build for over a year and everything went off without a hitch then so i don't believe it's compatibility issues.

Anyfeed back is greatly appreciated
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