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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Alas anyone who has said it is CFM that is more important than static pressure for a CPU cooling fan is wrong.

CFM is volume, and Static Pressure is the force. So if you have a heatsink that has dense fin array, but a low pressure fan, it is not going to put anywhere near the volume of air its rated for through the fins.

There has to be a balance really. There are rare cases where a heatsink has very 'loose' spacing for its fins and in those cases low pressure fans work wonders.

That being said there are Yate Loons that do the job well, but if its a standard dense heatsink I would suggest Coolermaster Blademasters or R4's in place of them.

Personally speaking DBA ratings are subjective.
A fan can make varying noises depending on where it is mounted, and how.
I've worked with so many fans now I have lost count, I just don't have the resources to pull a chart together myself. and a lot of the ratings out there are subjective to the individiual (noise) so I find that hard to quantify.

Thanks for the reply, ST.

I definitely don't profess to know the science of these topics. What you say makes sense. I would be inclined to think that you need the static pressure to get through the fins of the heatsink and get to the cpu.

I like quiet fans for the case so a higher DBA isn't really an issue for the cpu fan, I think. But, there are so many fans out there and they are usually rated or assessed based on their utility as a case fan. That is, unless one is comparing cpu coolers and fans (although, some companies might include a cheap fan to save costs?).

I read a few discussions in other forums or sites but one link I'll include had some participants that seemed to conclude the static pressure wasn't as crucial. Ironically enough, there was a chart posted but it isn't the one I thought I noticed posted here.

Best 120mm fan for CPU Cooler for static pressure/CFM? - Page 2 - -

The Well Dressed Megahalems - 65 fans and 112 setups (56k warning) - -

What do you think?

I am wondering which R4 you recommend. There seems to be a few varieties and one has the colorful LEDs although I found that R4 model for $5 so it's tempting. Does it matter which color or model? :) The Blademaster I haven't heard of it before now but at least it looks standard but no cheaper than other comparable fans?

Which CM R4 would be sufficient for a cpu fan? Thanks.
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