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Default 120mm fan (for cpu) chart?

I believe someone posted a 120mm fan chart which showed comparisons of noise and cfm. Anyone know what I'm talking about? LOL! I forget who it was but I thought it was interesting and I'm looking for a fan that is good for the heatsink.

I read that it's cfm that is crucial and not so much static pressure (more important for case cooling?)?

Anyway, I'm wondering if Yate Loons or equivalent is sufficient for a cpu fan. However, I'm leaning towards a Scythe S-Flex E or F (SFF21E/F) They're $10 and $12, respectively. I can't find any suitable fans for $5-ish and I need to take shipping into consideration, too. I prefer the Noctuas but kinda pricy with shipping.

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts the chart or can direct me to a link where I can get it.
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