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Default OC'ing e3110, a couple questions...

I've wanted to give my new WC setup a good workout and my patience has run out waiting for the Q9450's so I picked up a e3110. The e3110's being on sale helped persuade me plus they're a good bit cheaper than the e8400's for apparently the exact same chip. My previous chip (e6550 in this thread) was a dog and couldn't get it going too fast. I popped the e3110 in and went straight for 4GHz. A couple Vcore bumps and I was stable and stress testing, I'm a happy camper!

It's only about 30 minutes stable using Orthos right now, pending a running test at home, so there may be a little tweaking to do yet. I think I might want to get some faster RAM before I push too much farther... 4.5GHz would be a nice goal!!

What is an acceptable voltage range for these chips? How high is safe? IIRC I'm at about 1.326V now says CPUZ, that's at 4GHz and on water.

Also what can I use to monitor temps? TAT won't recognize the chip and CoreTEMP just says 46 whether idle or loaded so it can't be right. In the BIOS it reports 21 for CPU temp and my coolant temp is approximately that too measured with an IR gun.
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