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Default GTX 460 SLI

I was wondering if there would be any major issues if I ran a EVGA GTX 460 1GB and a MSI Cyclone GTX 460 in SLI on a Corsair VX550W? also does SLI support three monitors but not in surround mode? I want to use One monitor as my main+gaming, second monitor for webbrowsing/chatting and the third display would be a HDTV that will be used when watching movies.

Here are my fulll specs

E8400 @ 4Ghz
P5Q PRo + SLI Hack
2x2GB DDR2-1000
EVGA GTX 460 1GB - Stock
MSI Cyclone GTX 460 OC 1GB - Stock
1x Vertex 2 SSD - Boot drive
1x Samsung 250GB HDD - Games/large files
1x DVD Drive
Corsair VX550W

I've tried three displays but it just causes massive issues that require multiple reboots. I'm just hoping its the SLI hack and not the eVGA card. I purchased the EVGA one used for $70 bucks with the warranty.
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