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My System Specs


Performance wise, it's best to sandwich a rad with fans on either side. If you have the room, I would have six fans (three on each side) blowing air from the inside of the case to the outside through the top. Having lots of intake at the bottom front is a good thing also.

As for fans, I recommend the Scythe line - I use the Scythe SFLEX fans, and I hear the Gentle Typhoons are also good. If you're using a controller with them, I personally would get the SFF21G (1900 rpm) and turn them down (with the ability to crank them up if needed) Without a fan controller, I use the SFF21E (1200rpm)
A lot of other fans i've tried fail prematurely when mounted to a rad horizontally.

Noctua P12's are also excellent fans, with good static pressure for radiators. They are extremely quiet, though expensive compared to other manufacturers.

I also agree with Bman, if I were to get a premade kit, i'd be looking at the ones Daz sells, versus the swiftech kits.. but it looks like you already bought it, so can't do much there.

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