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Well rudel to be fair....he did point out that the headset you recomended was nothing but Dt770s with a mic...and twice the cost (so much so as to put them in a whole 'nother league of cans). I think its a fair argument,and you shouldnt get pissy about it (or at least it seemed that you were getting pissy). TBH only the OP can decide if he wants to spend less coin but deal with a (very small) additional hassle of a separate mic or going for an all in one solution and pay more.

YMMV but when talking to jackie like he is a moron...expect to be slapped down. Jackie is VERY knowledgeable on this and hell Ive picked his brain a couple times on review items. Hell jackie is a reviewer for another site on audio equipment so next time you might want to think twice before mouthing off to him. YMMV. ;)
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