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Jeez dude relax. I know what the difference is, the OP asked a question and I gave my opinion. No one is arguing with you that in most cases a good set of headphones will be superior to most if not all "gaming" headsets. I simply wanted to point out that the MMX300 is a real "Headset" that is vastly superior to the likes of what was being discussed eg, Razer, Tritons, etc. You seem to be unable to accept that and have to jump in saying your headphones make mine look like toys and make statements like,

"Figure out the answer and repeat it to yourself 5 times."

Again, relax. No one is challenging your opinion. Maybe the OP wanted an all in one solution? Ok it's not a sound card it's're right, good job, way to go, you win the internet argument.......

Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
Let me ask you, what's the difference between a Headset and Headphone. Figure out the answer and repeat it to yourself 5 times.

Buy ZALMAN TECH [ZM-MIC1] Zalman ZM-MIC 1 Microphone
Solves all life's problems.

Also, it's not a USB sound card. It's just a cheap little USB DAC
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