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Originally Posted by JD View Post
All I hope is that Rogers doesn't follow suite ;) I'll be safe for the time being with TekSavvy Cable. $55/month for 10/1Mbps Unlimited seems quite fair to me. Majority of the US has faster speeds at that price, so why can't Canada?

Not sure why some support UBB though. It'll only make your Internet more expensive. Bell isn't going to be reasonable with the charges or starting limit (or I highly doubt it at least). Their bandwidth caps are already pretty damn low.

And as mentioned, there's more and more legal ways of obtaining media/games on the Internet now along with cloud computing, IPTV/Google TV, etc. UBB is just a way for Bell to keep their revenue stream IMO.

Also isn't most of Bell's "last mile" infrastructure government funded? It was obviously privatized though with the CRTC having some control to force Bell to play nice.
I'm anxiously awaiting the CRTC decision as well. I'm predicting that the price for Teksavvy cable internet (rogers) will increase as well, but will be a slightly less bitter pill to swallow than those using dsl (bell). The worst case scenario I'm hoping for is an overall monthly price of $50-$55/month for 200GB on the teksavvy premium cable service instead of the $42 I'm paying right now.

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